Thematic scope


The Installations fair comprehensively presents the offer of leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technologies and services in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and cooling technology, as well as solutions for renewable energy, heat pumps and photovoltaics. The formula of the event gives the opportunity to establish lasting business contacts, expand knowledge and become familiar with trends in the development of the industry.

Exhibition of Heating and Heating Technology

1.1. Production, processing, transmission and recovery of energy

1.2. Thermal nodes

1.3. District heating networks

1.4. Heat pumps

1.5. Pumps for heating installations

1.6. timpani

1.7. heaters

1.8. Air heaters

1.9. radiators

1.10. Heat exchangers

1.11. Chimney Systems

1.12. burners

1.13. Domestic hot water heaters

1.14. Heating oil cylinders and tanks

1.15. Fittings and accessories for heating installations

1.16. Control and measuring and supervision devices in heating technology

1.17. Modern systems and devices for billing heat costs

1.18. Solar panels

1.19. Underfloor and wall heating installations

1.20. Insulation materials

1.21. Energy and the environment

1.22. Compressed air installations

1.23. Unions, chambers, associations

1.24. Other

Exhibition of Ventilation and Cooling Technology

2.1. Fans

2.2. Air conditioners

2.3. Ventilation and air conditioning units

2.4 Refrigeration installations and systems

2.5. Diffusers and extractors

2.6. Ventilation ducts

2.7. Central vacuuming systems

2.8. Temperature control systems

2.9. Fittings and accessories for ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration installations

2.10. Control and measuring and supervision apparatus in air-conditioning technique

2.11. Air protection

2.12. Unions, chambers, associations

2.13. Other

Salon of Object Technology

3.1. Systems for intelligent buildings - BMS

3.2. Cables, wires

3.3. Installation channels

3.4. Transformers

3.5. Switchboards, switchboards

3.6. Sockets, connectors, switches, fuses

3.7. fixtures

3.8. Control and measuring apparatus in electrical engineering and energy

3.9. Unions, chambers, associations

3.10. Other

Sanitary Technology Salon

4.1. Water and sewage connection systems in buildings

4.1.1. tubing

4.1.2. fittings

4.1.3. valves

4.1.4. Hoses

4.2. Flushing systems

4.3. Drainage systems

4.4. Sanitary fittings

4.5. Sanitary ceramics

4.6. Installation materials

4.7. Unions, chambers, associations

4.8. Other

4.9. Water purification


5.1. Gas exploration and production machines and apparatus; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.2. Machines and apparatus for operating gas production wells; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.3. Specialized machines, devices and materials for the construction, equipment and protection of gas pipelines, gas compressor stations and switchboards; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.4. High, medium and low pressure gas networks; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.4.1. Gas network fittings

5.4.2. Technologies for constructing plastic and steel gas networks; Elements, insulation, security systems, fittings, control and measurement

5.4.3. Gas pipeline reconstruction techniques

5.4.4. Gas flow safety devices in the event of a gas network failure

5.4.5. Corrosion protection of gas pipelines

5.4.6. Renovation economy

5.5. Pressing, pumping gas; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.6. Gas stations; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.6.1. Reduction stations

5.6.2. Reduction and measuring stations

5.6.3. Reduction points

5.6.4. Reduction and measurement points

5.6.5. Gas flow measuring systems

5.6.6. Control and measuring apparatus and automation

5.6.7. Treatment plants

5.7. odorising; design, production, assembly, elements, service

5.8. Gas storage and storage

5.8.1. Underground gas storage

5.8.2. Gas storage tanks

5.8.3. tankers

5.8.4. Gas cylinders

5.8.5. Installations and equipment

5.9. Gas appliances

5.9.1. Boiler rooms and gas fuel stoves

5.9.2. Combined heat and power miniblocks for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas

5.9.3. Gas powered hot air generators

5.9.4. Gas piston engines

5.9.5. Gas compressors

5.10. Unions, chambers, associations

5.11. Other


6.1. Ecological solid fuel heating systems


7.1. Projects

7.2. Software

7.3. Execution of networks, installations, devices and facilities

7.4. Workshop equipment and tools for installation techniques

7.5. Comprehensive consulting, consulting

7.6. Unions, chambers, associations

7.7. Banks, insurance companies

7.8. Trade publications